Remember your dentist?

Remember how they covered a wall in letters and photos from smiling clients?

That’s my short term goal: cover my office wall with letters like the ones below:

Jameal Ghaznawi

Co-founder of

“Daniel brings a broad perspective as a deep thinker and steadfast explorer of ideas.”

Jameal Ghaznawi, Co-founder

“I was pretty hesitant about professional coaching. I thought, “What can a coach do for me that I can’t do for myself?” However after one team coaching session where Daniel helped me and my business partner explore and prioritize our values, I was ready to give it a try. Three months later, not only are we engaging in weekly team sessions, I’m also engaging in weekly one-on-one sessions.

Going into business with another person can be difficult: staying on the same page, balancing competing ideas and keeping conversations structured and focused. Our weekly calls help keep communication channels open and Daniel’s follow-ups and note-taking make for great documentation. Things move fast and there is supreme value in the perspective gained from having access to that history. It’s helpful to have a neutral third-party to facilitate conversation and Daniel brings a broad perspective as a deep thinker and steadfast explorer of ideas.

One of the most valuable investments I made for myself this year was to engage with a coach.

Working one-on-one with Daniel is like having a second brain to augment my thinking. He is careful not to give suggestions but instead will point out different ways to look at a situation. When I found myself stuck in ideation he was ready with a lateral thinking exercise where I literally drew my problem on paper and approached it from different angles. It felt silly but it forced me to think differently and resulted in new avenues of thought I wouldn’t have previously considered.

It’s clear that Daniel takes his role as a coach seriously and is committed to his own professional growth. He frequently shares new insights about coaching, business, and thinking in general. His positive and upbeat attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him in an instant for anyone looking to get more out of themselves, their career or their business.

One of the most valuable investments I made for myself this year was to engage with a coach. As you close out the year and look for ways to get more out of your career or business in 2018, consider the benefit a professional coach can offer. It has helped my business partner and me clarify our vision and broaden our perspectives.”

Allen Pieper

Co-founder of

“The results have been phenomenal.”

“I’ve been using Daniel’s services for several months as an individual trying to make sense of the great tasks in front of me. As an individual, he has helped me find clarity in my vision, perspective in my abilities, and discipline to confront important issues quickly and methodically.

After three months of personal sessions, I decided this resource was more valuable than I was allowing it to be. So I expanded our engagement to my team as well.

Each of us now engages weekly group sessions and regular individual sessions.

The results have been phenomenal. We’ve made hard decisions. We’ve started developing a culture of creativity, discipline, and empathy. We know each other better, and we know ourselves better. This new context is phenomenally important.

I believe this will scale into something great for our organization in the years to come.

Daniel is showing us by example how to be more productive force multipliers. His strategies on zooming out of an idea to understand it better and then zooming in to be able to act have been paramount to our agility. Being fast with no focus is irrelevant. We’re cultivating something truly great here.

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this has been in understanding myself, my team, and the world around me. We are all capable of much more than we believe. Daniel helps you unlock this perspective with a visceral intensity that is contagious.”

Financial Analyst

“I really want to thank you… [Coaching] gives me hope.”

“I didn’t think this… would go well… It was actually very refreshingI can tell you that I haven’t been able to speak [in this way] for awhile. It was really good.

I mean I can talk to my friends, but then on the other hand… people don’t always want to get involved in the problems of other people. Plus you are actively listening, and you know how to moderate the conversation…

I really want to thank you. It was a great discussion. [Coaching] gives me hope [laughed], but really. I’m not exaggerating. It really does.

LJ Suzuki

Founder at CFOshare

“Endless optimism.”

“Dan is one of the most unique people I know. He is abstract, creative, and energetic with seemingly endless optimism.”



Financial Analyst

“The final push I needed…”

“Thank you again… The past few weeks I’ve been trying harder to get things together, and I feel like the talk we had may have been the final push I needed to make some real changes instead of just planning and never acting, again.”

Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Ph.D.

Director and Associate Professor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Purdue University

“Vision and curiosity…”

“He has vision and curiosity, but is also able to execute as demonstrated by the Young Innovators award he received from the MacArthur Foundation…”



Business Owner

“Mental breakthroughs…”

“I also feel like we made mental breakthroughs… I’m glad you put that feeling into words. I’m developing more executive cognition. It’s helpful for me to be aware of these things as it’ll help me figure out how to act to create the environment best suited for me to thrive mentally.”

John Kirby, Ph.D.

Professor of Classics, University of Miami

“Force of nature.”

Daniel is a force of nature. There’s no better way to put it. In the course of my whole lifetime I have met almost no one who matches him for intellectual curiosity. ‘Voracity’ might be a better for this: his energy for understanding the universe around him, just as it is, seems inexhaustible.”


Law Student

“I have a lot of “ah-ha” moments when I talk to him…”

“Anyone who lacks direction or benefits from verbalizing their goals would benefit from talking to Daniel.

He is an excellent active listener, but he also provides clarity – I have a lot of “ah-ha” moments when I talk to him because he points out something that seems clear to him from the outside that you may be too close to see…

I have much better idea of where I want to be long-term as a result of our phone calls.

I’m starting to think more about the future, rather than about putting out immediate fires… The weekly call has helped me figure out how to invest my time more wisely.”

Business Owner

“I think you have a natural brightness to you that makes others around you feel illuminated.”

Abraham Sutherland

Lecturer, University of Virginia School of Law

“Difficult and interesting questions.”

Daniel Poynter is on a mission, or rather many of them, and it is good to be around someone with so many creative ideas and who asks so many difficult and interesting questions. (He’s got interesting answers as well, but he’s a good listener and interlocutor too.)”


Chief Operating Officer

“Lol you hilarious freak! Life is never boring for you, is it? You have a knack for finding wonder all around you and sort of engineering it into your life. Very cool.”

John Bohlmann

Founder, Hawken Media and Hawken Orbital

Sr Technical Advisor, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.

“Kind and honorable…”

“Daniel is one of the most creative, well-spoken people I have met… [He’s] very hard-working. Very kind and honorable (something you rarely see today).”



Documentary Filmmaker

“100% there to help you…”

I think everyone should have a coach. Why? My friends are not in the loop in the same way. It’s more rewarding for me to share with you because you’re in on all of the context.

It’s a different perspective on your life. Another person who is 100% there to help you, but also keep you accountable. Also the honesty. Because so many times friends say ‘you’re not fat in those jeans’ when you are.”

Business Owner

“So much value… it’s not even funny.”

“I’ve gotten so much value out of this it’s not even funny. Since I’ve known you you’ve encouraged me to think bigger… You really force me to zoom out…” –

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

“I think you’re really good at this. I was kind of nervous about it… You did a good job rephrasing, summarizing things.”

Nick Schenkel

Director, West Lafayette Public Library

“Motivate people and achieve results…”

“Daniel is a smart, curious, and out-of-the-box thinker who knows how to motivate people and achieve results… [He] impressed me from the start… with his work ethic and his ability to expand his and others’ intellectual horizons.”


Business Owner

“Getting reinforcement and validation from you really helps in general. I trust in your skills as a listener and pay careful attention to your feedback like it were a rare good.”

Software Engineer

We just had a high impact conversation. I really appreciate your feedback and time. I think it’s invaluable. I’ve always held you in a high regard. I’ve always thought you’ve had so much knowledge that’s genuinely valuable…”

Business Owner

Every time we have a conversation I come to a lot of good things that I can apply directly. I think that having something like that for my entire company would be awesome, and anyone else we bring on.”

Business Owner

“Thanks a lot Daniel, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being a constant encouragement…”

Software Engineer

“[Coaching] is missing universities… I had so many friends who transferred between majors, wasting a lot of money and time. I wish they had you [back then] helping look deeper and figure out what to do.