Client Success Story: Allen Pieper


The Catalyst

I’ve been using Daniel’s services for several months as an individual trying to make sense of the great tasks in front of me.

As an individual, he has helped me find clarity in my vision, perspective in my abilities, and discipline to confront important issues quickly and methodically.

After three months of personal sessions, I decided this resource was more valuable than I was allowing it to be. So I expanded our engagement to my team as well.

Each of us now engages weekly group sessions and regular individual sessions.

The experience

Daniel is showing us by example how to be more productive force multipliers.

His strategies on zooming out of an idea to understand it better and then zooming in to be able to act have been paramount to our agility.

Being fast with no focus is irrelevant. We’re cultivating something truly great here.

The Breakthrough

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable this has been in understanding myself, my team, and the world around me.

We are all capable of much more than we believe. Daniel helps you unlock this perspective with a visceral intensity that is contagious.

The results have been phenomenal. We’ve made hard decisions. We’ve started developing a culture of creativity, discipline, and empathy. We know each other better, and we know ourselves better. This new context is phenomenally important.

I believe this will scale into something great for our organization in the years to come.