Live On Purpose: How to Create Time, Money, and Energy with Quarterly Goals

Live On Purpose: How to Create Time, Money, and Energy with Quarterly Goals

Chad was 21 years old. His goal? Clean up the Mississippi. So he started with his own two hands and a boat.

20 years later he’s cleared over 1 million tons of trash from riverbanks.

1 million tons. Let that sink in.

Michigan Stadium is the biggest stadium in the US.

It holds over 100,000 fans. Imagine filling it with styrofoam cups to the top. If you had a million tons of styrofoam cups, you’d have to fill 50 stadiums!

Ever hurt your back lifting a couch? With 1 million tons of couches… you’d have 11 million. You could line them up from NYC to Beijing and back.

One person.

...and a goal.

9 Best Practices to Network with Shapr

Do you network regularly? And intentionally?

It’s critical.

If you do, the fascinating people you meet will inspired and energize you. You’ll be exposed to new opportunities. You’ll make more money. You’ll discover the next awesome stage in your life. You’ll make new friends.

If you don’t regularly and intentionally, then you’ll stagnate. Become rigid. Boring. And worst of all, these things will creep up on you. Before you know it, you’ll be in your own comfortable bubble. Cut off from exciting adventures outside that bubble.

I love Shapr. It’s a networking app. Think Tinder meets LinkedIn.

You have a simple profile with your portrait, a bio, and your interests.

You can see 15 other profiles a day. You swipe left or right. If both people swipe right you’re connected. Then you can chat by text. Many often then connect by phone, video conference, or over coffee.

The result?

A fresh stream of water into your pond -- of energy and opportunities. It’s almost doubled Applied Ideals’s revenue.

In this article I’ll teach you what I’ve learned after 100+ hours of using the app and having conversations.