14 Day $50 Dance Challenges


Ever feel... blech? Or has anyone ever infected you with their... blech?

Do you realize you can get rid of it in just two minutes?

You'll feel amazing. You'll radiate good vibes. People will love you. People will buy your thing. The cashier will wink when she gives you change and call you "honey."

All you have to do is dance to a song in the privacy of your home!

Why don't we as a culture appreciate this?

And how can we encourage more of it?

Enter: A Facebook Challenge

In fall 2017, I posted a challenge to Facebook:

If you dance once a day for 14 days straight then you'll be entered to win $50.

All folks had to do was post the song they danced to in our group. Along the way, we posted about our experiences:

This one gets my whole family dancing around the house.

I love to share the movement and laughter with my kids. ❤️

It turns out the kids still want to dance and we have fun doing it. It has kind of become part of the bedtime routine at home. Who knows, we might just keep it up. We danced tonight to Shake it Off.
— A Happy Mom

It was such a success we did it again!

See more happy camper reviews at the bottom of this post.

So do you have two minutes to spare?

Here, I've made it easy for you. Close your door. Turn up your speakers.

You know what to do:

You Can Be like These Happy Campers:

I propose we don’t hesitate to pick public places. I danced and sang out loud to a Michael Jackson song in the gas station and scored 2 smiles and a conversation ♥️
The 6-year old chose out our song for tonight so we danced to The Batman Theme Song. It was too short to satisfy their desire to dance so they also danced to Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey.” At this point, the kids are looking forward to dancing every day and actually spend most of the day asking when we get to dance.
Day 1 Dancing Challenge - ✔️

I started with the upbeat-life-asserting type of song, but feel like adding various genres later.
Fun fact: I am visiting my parents.

No one’s home.

In the middle of the song, dad comes back, sees me dancing in the middle of the living room (in a glorious and not very coordinated jumping way with uncontrollable movements of my arms and an overall grace of an elderly whale that suffers from some major vertigo symptoms). Jeez, I wish I had a hair brush to sing into singing into at the moment 😝

To his credit he didn’t express any surprise. I guess by now he is at peace with the thought that his youngest one is somewhat special 😈
Day 3: nothing says sexy dancing like dancing around your roomba at midnight while it does its thing
Anyone have their inner critic pop up while dancing? I’ve found it helps to close my eyes. Turns out, that also connects me much more deeply to the musician’s world. I can’t remember feeling that way before, and it feels kind of like reading someone’s book.
When you have no energy to dance, but commitment is commitment. The answer is slow dancing with yourself to a jazz composition which is definitely a lovely experience. And you get to twirl a lot.
An insight of the day: when dancing to a video where some one dances beautifully, you not only get to learn few moves, but also you feel like you are moving like a pro. The key is not to look in the mirror.
I’m realizing how many different kinds of dancing there are. I’m also realizing how hard it is to just pick one song per day...
Actually did Bill Withers Lovely Day before this (and before coffee). This is getting easier and more natural. I’m probably dancing to 3-5 songs/day now. I’ve been trying to start this habit for almost 6 months... Now I find myself doing it without even thinking. I think Amanda is right, some barrier gets crossed and then it becomes a new normal. :)
I listened to this fun tune (among others) while dance-cleaning my bathroom this evening.
Day 2. Danced in our meditation room to Buddha Deluxe Lounge: mystic chill sounds. (Flirting Shadows) Love moving with mindful movements as dance meditation. 👣👣👣👣👣💫🙏