Hawken Increases Sales 900%


Hawken transforms industries with iOt. One of their products, Commander, is saving the world by automating HVAC systems.

According to this list of 100 solutions to “drawdown” climate change:

Hawken participates in solutions    #45 (building automation)    and    #57 (smart thermostats)   .

Hawken participates in solutions #45 (building automation) and #57 (smart thermostats).

“The building sector worldwide uses approximately 32 percent of all energy generated; more than one-third of that is for heating and cooling. Maximum efficiency in heating and cooling could cut energy use by 30 to 40 percent.”

Partners recognized Hawken’s technical prowess, but they didn’t share Hawken’s sense of urgency when it came to sales. As a result, their B2B business was growing at far less than its potential.

Connect with John on    LinkedIn   .

Connect with John on LinkedIn.

The challenge

John Bohlmann’s professors named him the single best student in his undergraduate Computer Science program. He even went on to study in Princeton’s PhD program before dropping out to pursue startups. Eventually he discovered an enormous opportunity: the slumbering HVAC industry.

He saw his chance to embody true innovation — in the grand style of his favorite example, the space race of the 50s and 60s. He’d create something like Nest®️, but for factories and skyscrapers.

Partners respected John’s team of world class engineers. They loved his product, truly the next phase of building automation. But John felt pigeonholed as an engineer. He didn’t have the access he wanted to greater sales opportunities. He wanted to transform this industry… and sooner.

The Solution

So John enlisted Applied Ideals. We designed a custom executive coaching program for him.

First we clarified his six month goals. Hard metrics like increased sales leads and revenue. And soft metrics too like a culture of radical initiative and innovation. Then we clarified what his team needed to do to achieve those goals. And lastly, we identified what John needed to do — as a leader — to lead his team to success.

Then we met weekly for six months. Throughout it all, John kept his eye on those goals. He began to see clearly how his leadership affected his team which affected business outcomes. Ultimately he realized how, for him, courage was the lynchpin. Courage to pursue new opportunities, and courage to practice direct communication with his team.

Finally we created a safe and fun space to develop courage. John identified opportunities to go outside of his comfort zone. Every week we explored his recent wins, lessons learned, and challenges. Then we strategized how to become even more courageous next week. Rinse and repeat.

THE results

John said the executive coaching had significant influence on the following:

Hard metrics:

  • Output

  • Quality

  • Efficiency

Soft metrics:

  • Innovation

  • Courage

  • Awareness

  • Initiative

  • Culture

We explored the business impact of just one of these — courage. Before our engagement, John only had access to 1-2 sales opportunities every six months. Now he has access to 2-3 every single month. That’s a 900% increase.

I asked John, “To what extent did Applied Ideals coaching affect this increase?”

He replied: 60%.

And then I asked, “How certain are you of this estimate?”

He replied 80%.

So the adjusted percentage is 48% (.6 x .8).

Because of the average value of these opportunities, and his sales closing rate, this translates into $324,000 of added annual value. If technology companies are valued at 10x multiples that’s an additional $3.2 million dollars of equity.

The value of courage… (and Applied Ideals!)

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