Client Success Story: Alixandria Kaye Hopkins


Alixandria helps business owners create more time. How? By delegating their work to U.S. based virtual assistants at Cc: My Admin.

[I now close] at least 2 clients a week... Whereas before, I was lucky to close that many in a month. [8X improvement]
— Alixandria Kaye Hopkins

the catalyst

Before working with Applied Ideals, my business was slow! My life was all over the place. I knew I needed direction and focus.

My only hesitation had to do with finances, but I knew based on my free consultation with Daniel that I would find value in his services.

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Immediately after signing up, I was excited to get started!

Also nervous. And after a few sessions I felt rejuvenated and focused on my goals.

What I liked best was learning my "why." It enables me to convey my passion to business connections and potential clients.

"We synchronized our hearts this evening. #MOMaste 🌼"

"We synchronized our hearts this evening. #MOMaste 🌼"

I also love contemplating my MTP [massively transformative purpose]. I sometimes throw it in to a conversation here and there for humor! It is my vision. It is my inspiration.


Since working with Daniel, I have noticed a major shift in my life.

I decided to become a full time entrepreneur after the free consultation. The call alone was inspiring, uplifting. I wake each day excited! My family is in a better place.

Numbers wise: I have started closing at least 2 clients a week in the past month. Whereas before, I was lucky to close that many in a month.

My peers have noticed my newfound confidence. The confidence is overflowing into my personal life/emotions as well. This mindset has forever changed my life. 

Would I recommend Applies Ideals coaching? Ab. So. LUTELY! gives an aspiring business owner the necessary first steps to having a successful business. I would recommend this to any business owner that is in their beginning stages.