Client Success Story: Amanda Noel Bossi


Amanda had an especially bad case of Tourette's Syndrome. She hurt herself, was on 30 medications, and put in a padded room. Then... by struggling and because of what she attributes to miracles, Amanda was given the opportunity to manage these violent tics WITHOUT medication.

Now she speaks to audiences about her journey.

She's writing a book and creating curriculum. Why? To empower Tourette's victims and families with coping strategies.


the catalyst

I was going nowhere. I had some opportunities but no plans. I wanted to focus on my vision and see it come to life, but I didn't know how.

As far as trying something new and working with a coach, I had no hesitation. My only hesitation was, What if my efforts didn't succeed and I stayed in the same place?

Right when I signed up I felt overjoyed! I was happy knowing I took a step in the right direction.

After the first week I felt more at ease and settled with my visions and knowing I wasn't going to be an oddball trying to figure it out myself. I had the understanding that would better assist me.

the experience

I really like that Daniel is everything in one package.

Amanda Noel Bossi speaking at Walk The Talk.

Amanda Noel Bossi speaking at Walk The Talk.

He understood what I needed. He helped me discover my purpose better. When I was struggling, he helped me get clear by taking action. This in turn helped me center myself. He also taught me useful methods I can use with my clients. 

He always made the coaching sessions come to life, and he always helped me focus. He was also always there to lead or assist when I had a question or needed help.

He's a calm and collected coach, and he pointed me in the right direction when I didn't know what to do.

the breakthrough

Daniel helped me get my first client!

He helped me understand the financial side of my new business, like pricing my services. I now also have more tools and work at a higher level.

What was the biggest insight I had? CLARITY COMES FROM ACTION...! I want to do and not overthink, for sure!

Would I recommend Applied Ideals coaching? Definitely! Coaching made me more aware and steered me when I couldn't steer myself. I am a large step forward from where I was.


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