Client Success Story: Don Derosier


As a result of Daniel’s coaching... my revenue increased [2-3x].

[I am also] more confident... [and] connecting with people in a more meaningful way...”
— Don Derosier, Co-founder of Space Hero Mission

the catalyst

Before I began working with Daniel, nothing was happening and I was stuck in a rut. I wanted purpose and a strategy to get to my mission on earth. 

The biggest hesitation was the money factor.

At the time I had barely 3 grand in my account and investing in a business coach was a very risky investment, but I took the dive and I'm very grateful that I did. Who knows where I would be now if I didn't make that commitment 3 months ago. 

Right after I signed up, I felt scared but excited at the same time. And after the first few sessions I started feeling a sense of calm and confidence within myself. 

the experience

What I liked best was how personal he made the experience. And he is a very good listener. 

the breakthrough

As a direct result of Daniel's coaching, I am more confident talking to people and sharing what my business is about, and my revenue increased every month for the last 3 months.

January I barely made $1000. February I made over $2,200. And March is still not over but I assume I'll be between the 2-3 grand range. 

I also benefited by connecting with people in a more meaningful way and not being afraid to be myself in public. 

The insight that made a BIG difference for me? Mindset shift: Don't be afraid of people. They are waiting to hear from you. 

What should others know about Applied Ideals coaching?

I feel like there is this negative stigma in American culture when it comes to coaching. The fact is we all need help, and for us to humble ourselves and let another person in our life to try to understand it and to help is extremely important if not necessary for every single person on this planet.

People should know that coaching is good, necessary and should be a part of everyone's life no matter who you are or where you are in life. We all need help and there are people on this earth, like Daniel, who want to help make this world a better place. 


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