Client Success Story: John Bohlmann


John is a serial entrepreneur "disrupting industries into the future." He founded Hawken Media and Hawken Orbital and is Senior Technical Advisor to Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

[Daniel] helped me to keep my sanity as my business was doubling every quarter for a year... and to lose 50 pounds!

Daniel is one of the most creative, well-spoken people I have met... He’s a great entrepreneur and very hard-working. Very kind and honorable.
— John Bohlmann
John Bohlmann

The catalyst

My business was just getting to the really crazy growth stage.

I was in the middle of that -- actually I'm still in the middle of that -- but it was just starting and it was a new thing for me.

I just really needed help organizing my strategic life and goals on the high level as well as on the lower tactical level. That way I could make sure I kept my life in balance -- personal and business and relationships and all of that.

As well as helping to keep me accountable on a weekly basis.

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[What I liked most] was the accountability.

It was also the really detailed way in which [he was] able to go through all of the goals that I had laid out, that I wanted to achieve:

[For example] we would go through and check back on each one of those [goals] pretty regularly.

And it was really helpful the way [he] asked questions about how I can rethink my approach to accomplishing those goals and making sure that things are prioritized correctly and I'm approaching them in a way that's actually going to accomplish them.

I think [he] did a great job on the high level... strategically examining it. Everything. And making sure the strategy we laid out was effective at achieving the outcomes I hoped for.


[Daniel] helped me to keep my sanity as my business was doubling every quarter for a year and I was moving into new markets with a startup, and hiring people all of the time.

And [he] helped me to cut my Starbucks addiction and lose roughly 50 pounds.

I think no small part of that was regular meetings to keep me accountable and to actually be able to think about things, keep my life in balance during that time, so that I didn't have some sort of nervous breakdown or anything like that.

I don't think I've even met anyone else that is so thoughtful, and thorough when it comes to thinking about problems. [Daniel is] just, in a philosophical manner, just very thoughtful about the approach to the problem and thinking about how to solve it.

And I think the questions that [he] asked were always very open ended and thought provoking. And that was very telling about the quality of the engagement. That's definitely unique contribution.


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