Client Success Story: Jordan Lee Thomas


Jordan joined other social entrepreneurs in The Starter's Club by Applied Ideals.

She founded Jordan Lee Yoga and Jordan Lee Editorial.

I got tons of clarity. I also got another client... that doubled my income.

Daniel is an incredible, compassion-driven business coach.
— Jordan Lee Thomas

The catalyst

Before joining The Starter's Club, I was branching out for the first time into self-employment, and I wanted to establish accountability to create healthy habits as I started down that road.

Once I saw how much value would be provided for the price, I didn’t have many hesitations about investing in The Starter’s Club.

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I knew that Daniel would provide a high-quality experience and it just seemed like the right time for me. 

I felt great after I signed up. I often follow my intuition when making decisions, and I just knew that this was what I needed to do in this season of my entrepreneurial career.

The insight from the program that made the biggest difference for me was the MTP (massively transformative purpose). Doing everything with that in mind, and allowing all of my behaviors and actions to flow from alignment with that.


Once we began, The Starter’s Club didn’t disappoint.

The first couple sessions were perfectly structured to be fun, encouraging, and inspiring. I loved getting to meet the other entrepreneurs on the call and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggles and triumphs! I have been learning a lot. 

I’ve really enjoyed getting to talk to people one-on-one or two-on-one in our breakout sessions during the bi-monthly calls. 


As far as tangible results, I have really focused in on what I want and how to get there since beginning to work with Daniel.

I started out as a very confused idea generator with too many options, and I have whittled it down over time to a clear plan of action for my next 6 months to a year.

I got my first client for my freelance business during this time, and have doubled the work I am getting from clients just in this past month.

I have a group of inspiring, high-energy people supporting me, and that makes all the difference!

I have been given a vast network of people who are willing to help me and give me resources, which is invaluable.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the Starter’s Club to any entrepreneur who is just starting out or in their first year of business.

The first year is an extremely tumultuous time since you are starting something completely from scratch and it takes a lot of strength and focus to birth something like that into the world.

It is invaluable to have Daniel’s training and support to give a roadmap, and the support of the other entrepreneurs in the program to sympathize and reflect back to you how you are doing and honestly tell you how you can improve. 

The Starter’s Club is a place for self-motivated and committed entrepreneurs in their first year or two of business to maximize on their efforts.

By investing in the training and support given by Daniel and the group members, multipassionate and busy entrepreneurs can find focus and momentum in their projects.



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