Client Success Story: Julian Fitzgerald Robinson


Julian enables non-profits to create revenue through a custom branded consumer based app called Dynamic Scrip.

By age 30, his goal is to impact over 1,000 young adults. “Overall being able to individually impact entrepreneurs who are tradesmen — who have the skills and the vision — to do whatever their craft is but maybe don't have the language when they get a seat at the table.”

“The Starter’s Club helped me increase my income 15 times over.”
— Julian Fitzgerald Robinson, Salesperson for Dynamic Scrip
Connect with Julian on    Facebook    and    LinkedIn   .

Connect with Julian on Facebook and LinkedIn.

THE Catalyst

Before joining The Starter's Club, I was starting a coaching business and I sought guidance on approaches. 

My only hesitation was not being able to commit to every meeting.


Right after signing up I felt excited and thrilled to be apart of something so organized. After a few sessions, I knew I made the right decision, and I knew that I couldn’t waste this learning experience. 


The Starter's Club helped me increase my income 15 times over.

It helped me be better with my time management, organization, intentionality, attention to details, focus — a number of different things.

Also, I've paid more attention towards honoring my commitment and holding others accountable to do the same.

What I liked best, though, were Daniel’s questions. They help you think in a fresh perspective.

I'd recommend The Starter's Club. Daniel you have a very welcoming spirit and spend a considerable amount of time learning best practices for entrepreneurs.


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