Client Success Story: Kalveen Shergill


Kalveen wears many hats. At the core he’s a social entrepreneur who:

  • Creates curriculum as a Board Certified Autism Technician

  • Coordinates fundraising for the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation and

  • Helps non-profits fundraise with an innovative tool called Dynamic Scrip

He participated in a group coaching program by Applied Ideals called The Starter’s Club.

The Starter’s Club gave me a ton of confidence... my communication is much better, and most importantly I have been able to talk to higher level executives (huge confidence booster).
— Kalveen Shergill, Marketing Director for Dynamic Scrip
Connect with Kalveen on    Facebook    and    LinkedIn   .

Connect with Kalveen on Facebook and LinkedIn.

THE Catalyst

I was frustrated because of a lack of time management -- and disorganization in general. And also confidence.

That's where I was with my business, personal life, school, and my learning.

It was manifesting itself in my body. So I was constantly aching, constantly had a headache, constantly tired. When I'm in a stressed state all of the time in shows in my body. I'm always tired.


Right after signing up I felt... committed! I was nervous but I knew this was a huge step in the right direction personal development wise. 

I felt great after the first few meetings. I enjoyed the social interaction, and I got an idea for the amount of work and self reflection that would come with this program. I was a little intimidated by that, but I loved the vibe.

The biggest insight I had throughout it all was this equation: follow up + confidence = results 

What I liked best were the business referrals, sales training, and discussions about habits and being organized.


I have gained a ton of confidence, my communication is much better, and most importantly I have been able to talk to higher level executives (huge confidence booster).

The biggest thing with The Starter's Club was that it gave me more confidence. If it wasn't for that confidence, I wouldn't have been able to go up to the CEO of my company and ask him for an opportunity. Just having the confidence to go up and ask for what I wanted.

[As a result of that confidence] I'm creating curriculum — with the CEO of my company — for adults with autism. So I work remotely from home. And that added on about 400, 500 bucks a month extra. [This] in addition to what I was making before The Starter's Club.

Being able to talk about what I do, what I'm looking for, what my goals are as a social entrepreneur... and that manifested into financial gain…

So it kind of transcends itself into multiple things, but I'll say time and time again confidence.

I now am a Marketing Director, so that's a bump up... I'm the youngest Marketing Director in the company, which our President was really happy about.

And I've created a team to support. I'm definitely using my leadership abilities more, my communication abilities more, I'm having to time manage, and prioritize what my day's going to look like. Because now I have a team that's reliant on me, and I have a team to lead. So just taking on more responsibility in the company.

And also I'm a position up, and with that is a pay raise too.

So definitely, I recommend Applied Ideals coaching.

I recommend it to people who are eager for personal development and are willing to invest in their development. I don’t think The Starter's Club, or Applied Ideals generally, is really for anyone with a 9-5 job mentality. It’s about continual growth.

What should others knows about The Starter's Club? It's not just another networking group. It's a group you grow and develop relationships with. This translates into so much more such as personal development, accountability, motivation, and honest friends 

Thanks for sticking with me and for your support Daniel. I know I wanted to quit a few times, but you didn’t let me and that means a lot. 


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