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What’s coaching?

Imagine jumping on a trampoline.



It’s a warm and bright summer day. You can smell freshly cut grass and hear a dog barking in the distance.

As you jump, you reach your arms up as high as you can.


Then all of a sudden, at the top of a jump…

Your fingers graze something in the sky.

It's electric.

It’s only for a moment, but it fills you with color, energy, expansiveness.

"What was that?!"


You keep jumping, trying to touch it again.

You stretch as high as you can.


Then along comes me, "Whatchya doin'?"

"Well, I was jumping on my trampoline when all of a sudden I touched something up there."

You point up.

"I have no idea what it was, but it was magical. It felt like a door opened and color flooded into my world, kaleidoscopes of color."

"Mind if I join?” I ask.


Then I get on the trampoline too.

I remember your description of that magical thing. I try to imagine it and keep it in my mind’s eye.

Then I time my jumping with yours.


We land at the exact same time. I use all of my energy to launch you higher.

And this time you really go flying.

You fly higher than you’ve gone before.

…and your fingers brush against that thing again!

But this time you grab ahold of it.

Enormous energy fills you, and a door opens.

Your whole world changes.

You’re no longer bouncing on a trampoline.

You’re somewhere else.

That’s coaching.

Applied Ideals serves anyone crazy enough to think they can improve the world.

If you’re a dreamer, if you work hard, and if you have a sense of generosity and humor…

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Results often include:

  • Clarity

  • Purpose

  • Confidence

  • Fresh perspective

  • Inspire your team to greater engagement and productivity

  • Better structure and organization


Results include:

  • Greater confidence

  • Mindset shift from employee to leader

  • More respect at work

  • Integrate your purpose on this Earth with the way you earn your living


Results include:

  • Clarity about your ideal prospect, your offer to them, and your process to create consistent results

  • Greater confidence, motivation, energy

  • Increased sales!


  • Structure, accountability

  • New growth-oriented friends

  • Greatly expanded professional network