Why an FAQ?

If you're reading this I know you want to be successful.

To be successful one thing we must appreciate is our time is limited.

So don't repeat yourself needlessly. Invest in creating high quality systems and content.

Derek Sivers -- a heart-centered and unusually humble entrepreneur -- wrote about his lessons scaling CD Baby over 10 years and selling it for $20M.

In his book Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur, he tells a story:

Derik was getting bogged down with employee questions. He wasn't getting any work done -- only answering questions.

So he invested in high quality systems and content.

What did he do?

First, when someone asked a question he first gathered all employees around.

Then he answered the question -- in front of everyone -- and explained the philosophy behind it.

Then he made sure everyone understood.

He asked one person to write it in the company manual.

He told everyone they can decide without him next time.

Rinse and repeat for every single question.

In 2 months, he was getting almost no questions. This enabled him to move to California and work on his business (not in his business). Instead of work it felt like play! He could focus on his unique genius -- creating improvements, innovations, and optimizations.

Now does an FAQ make sense? Don't you want to create one of your own? ;)