Client Success Story: Jameal Ghaznawi 

One of the most valuable investments I made this year.
— Jameal Ghaznawi, Co-founder of

the catalyst

Going into business with another person can be difficult: staying on the same page, balancing competing ideas and keeping conversations structured and focused.

And I was pretty hesitant about professional coaching. I thought, “What can a coach do for me that I can’t do for myself?”

However after one team coaching session where Daniel helped me and my business partner explore and prioritize our values, I was ready to give it a try.

Three months later, not only are we engaging in weekly team sessions, I’m also engaging in weekly one-on-one sessions.

the experience

It's clear that Daniel takes his role as a coach seriously and is committed to his own professional growth.

He frequently shares new insights about coaching, business, and thinking in general.

Working one-on-one with Daniel is like having a second brain to augment my thinking.

He is careful not to give suggestions but instead will point out different ways to look at a situation.

When I found myself stuck in ideation he was ready with a lateral thinking exercise where I literally drew my problem on paper and approached it from different angles. It felt silly but it forced me to think differently and resulted in new avenues of thought I wouldn't have previously considered.

the breakthrough

Our weekly calls help keep communication channels open and Daniel's follow-ups and note-taking make for great documentation.

Things move fast and there is supreme value in the perspective gained from having access to that history.

It's helpful to have a neutral third-party to facilitate conversation and Daniel brings a broad perspective as a deep thinker and steadfast explorer of ideas.

His positive and upbeat attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him in an instant for anyone looking to get more out of themselves, their career or their business.


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