Client Success Story: John Gieryn

After working with Daniel I feel more productive. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m accomplishing 125-150% more...

The catalyst

Before I began working with Daniel, I was juggling several projects, transitioning out of a leadership role, and planning a move abroad. I also had just finished exploring self-doubt and social anxiety with a therapist.

My biggest hesitation? I wondered if it'd be worth it because I was already receiving other coaching. Also we didn't know each other well. 

The experience

Once I signed up I felt curious.

After the first few sessions I felt happy about making the commitment, more consistently self-aware than usual, and supported in my journey toward self-mastery.

What I liked most about working with Daniel was being let into the process of coaching. He readily shared his sources of inspiration and exercises. I appreciated his enthusiasm, interest, listening. I also liked his questions — always pushing me to think further. They helped me to really dive deep.

The Breakthrough

After working with Daniel I feel more productive. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm accomplishing 125-150% more on my to-do lists.

Seeing my steady growth clearly also reinforced habits I had already started to develop, like meditation.

I'm more adaptive, self-aware, and capable of positive vulnerability. I'm also able to navigate complex conflicts in a way that actually enhances relationships.

The biggest insight from working with Daniel was his imagination exercise to strengthen my commitments.

I would absolutely recommend working with Daniel.

Who would benefit most? Anyone looking to deepen their effectiveness, efficiency, and planning through a lens of self-improvement and self-awareness, and to those looking for a kind, considerate person to think about their development with.

The most important thing people should know about working with Daniel? You get out what you put in — magnified.


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