The morning journal for social enterprise leaders

The world’s first and only such morning journal.

“Win the morning, win the day.”

What’s your ideal morning? What:

  • Energizes you and

  • Reminds you why you’re alive?

With this journal, you’ll design your ideal morning. You’ll commit to it for a simple five day experiment. Then you’ll reflect on what went well. Finally you’ll redesign your next five day experiment. Easy!

Along the way read a story each morning about other change makers like…

  • How a chiropractor in North Carolina created $300,000 each winter by recycling mulch — with no money down!

  • How a humble computer programmer in Indiana educated and fed millions with a simple weekend project

  • How an activist in Thailand used humor (and condoms) to save the lives of 7.7 million people

Remember the last time you told a group of people a story?

Remember how they got totally quiet, leaned in, and gave you their full attention?

Remember how their eyes sparkled as they listened, hoping for some bit of entertainment, hope, inspiration?

Read these stories of other change makers. Put them in your back pocket to become a masterful communicator. Tell them again and again.

There’s a reason why Jesus, Socrates, and Lincoln always told stories.