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[Our event] was very popular… Having Daniel there was great. If he wasn’t there it wouldn’t have been as successful.
— Sarah Evelyn, Director of Academic Engagement, Brown University
That was one of the best talks I’ve ever heard [at our school]... It was poetic actually.
— Rabbi Cohen, Instructor, Shapell's Darche Noam
Excellent turn out... Students were engaged… It would be great to have this as a fall annual event.
— Ronald Fark, Head of Reference and Research Services, Brown University
I think the important thing for me was seeing the enthusiasm among the students… I thought our job was pretty easy. I was very impressed with the level of support that Daniel supplied.
— Edwin Quist, Librarian, Brown University

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[T]he experience [Daniel led] was interesting and meaningful… I had so much fun at the event. I hope we can do it again!
— Carrie Donovan, Librarian, Indiana University
I really enjoyed the discussion that Daniel led after [the event]... [It] was definitely a success, based on the number of participants we had (both of our sessions were filled up), and the positive feedback we received on our surveys.
— Laura Jordan, Librarian, University of Florida
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The #1 insight I had because of this event was the power of momentum. I will take on a future project that is bigger than what I’d normally do because I know I have momentum.

I’d recommend your speaking to two groups: 1) small business owners and 2) disadvantaged people who want to improve their lives.

Keep it up!
— Andrew Sieg, Student, Eleven Fifty Academy
Because of your presentation, I will make more of an effort to establish a better morning routine.

Would I recommend your speaking for other events? Absolutely. I think college seniors would find this especially useful.
— Monica Marek, Student, Eleven Fifty Academy
I liked the idea of collecting ‘no’s. That was definitely something I could relate to and also implement in the future.

I’d recommend your speaking. I have had experience in different substance abuse treatment centers and could see your talk benefiting people in those kinds of situations.
— Carr O'Connor, Student, Eleven Fifty Academy
I think you’d do a good job speaking to college age students early in their career.
— Anonymous, Student, Eleven Fifty Academy
I enjoyed your speech and would have like to have more time to go into to more detail. My biggest insight had to do with not being afraid to seek out a No, as it gets you closer to a yes.

You’re actually an inspiration for me because I believe we share similiar goals.
— Josh Lohman, Student, Eleven Fifty Academy
That was amazing... I like how you always make it interactive... You always give us something to think about.
— Student, Shapell's Darche Noam
Daniel is a smart, curious, and out-of-the-box thinker... [He] impressed me from the start - and he continues to impress me now - with his work ethic and his ability to expand his and others’ intellectual horizons.

[Our event he moderated] was a sound success and proved to me once more that Daniel Poynter is a man with a clear (and ever evolving) mission and the skills to get that mission accomplished.
— Nick Schenkel, President, Lafayette Breakfast Optimists Club