Client Success Story: Chris Canady


Chris joined other social entrepreneurs in The Starter's Club by Applied Ideals.

He's a student and emerging leader and shares his enormous heart and inspiring vision at Patience Builds Kindness.

I would pay $10,000 for [Daniel’s] experience, coaching, mentorship.
— Chris Canady

The catalyst

[Before investing in The Starter's Club] I was not making much progress with my business... my family was going on the downhill path...

I wasn't really lost, but I wasn't where I needed to be.


My main hesitation was the cost, but the value is there. I realized that it's definitely worth the money. It doesnt matter how much something costs -- if it's good you're not paying enough for it, and if it's bad you're paying too much for it.

I would pay $10,000 for [Daniel's] experience, coaching, mentorship.

Immediately after signing up I felt hesitant but also a good deep feeling internally.


The Starter's Club was full of great questions that has helped me dig deeper, and find solutions to my obstacles. 

What I've liked best so far are the instant connections, the relationships I've made with other entrepreneurs.

The main insight that made the biggest difference for me was about mindset. The mindshift to dust off my intuition, and have relaxed confidence.


Now I've got a consistent meditation habit. A consistent morning routine (i.e. not looking at my phone first thing). I'm eating healthier. I'm exercising. Stretching. Planning out my day. I'm getting really organized. I'm taking better care of myself. Tons of internal results like these.

But also improved people skills. Being able to ask deeper questions. And increased focus and clarity.

What should others know about The Starter's Club? It takes commitment to oneself.

I'd definitely recommend The Starter's Club. It is a good group format, and there is a lot of value in the training as well as the questions.

I recommend it to entrepreneurs just starting, people looking to get out of the 9-5, or those who have been business owners who are looking for a team.

Daniel is a great guy, is pouring into a lot of ambitious, kind people, and will help millions, billions over the course of his life. 


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