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Learn how Applied Ideals created $324,000 of revenue, $3.2 million in additional equity, for Hawken Media.

Before working with Applied Ideals, my company was functioning but not growing...

[Their executive coaching] helped me focus and improve my leadership...

As a result, I gained confidence, made tough decisions to grow a better team, and received our first $10,000 in funding!!
— Joshua Driver, Founder & CEO of (Certified B Corp)

What I like best is that Daniel leads by example. He is passionate about his work, and his commitment to his clients is truly inspiring...

Our regular coaching calls over the past year have been a pillar.
— Justin Clay, Career Coach for At Risk Professionals

If you want a greater impact, and you’re struggling, Applied Ideals is definitely for you...

I wanted to fulfill a dream — finally opening my own gym... I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without Daniel’s help.
— Albert Squires, Nationally Competitive Powerlifter, Founder of Squires Fitness, Founder of The Bar

This client wishes to remain anonymous.

This client wishes to remain anonymous.

As a result of working together, I have a renewed sense of purpose in my entrepreneurial work.

I invest more time and energy toward the goals that will move my business forward (instead of picking off the small and easy tasks that always kept me on a treadmill).

I also established a new morning routine that centers myself and my day.
— VP of Marketing at an AI startup with over $5,000,000 in funding

5 More Stories:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 16.18.39.png
The Starter’s Club helped me increase my income 15 times over.
— Julian Fitzgerald Robinson, Salesperson for Dynamic Scrip

Because of Applied Ideals, my tour guide company went from zero bookings to making $1450 in the last month.

I would definitely recommend Applied Ideals to entrepreneurs hoping to make humanitarian impacts.
— Dresden De Vera, Founder of Throw Snakes Tours

[I now close] at least 2 clients a week... Whereas before, I was lucky to close that many in a month. [8X improvement]

My peers have noticed my newfound confidence... This mindset has forever changed my life. 
— Alixandria Kaye Hopkins, Sales at CC: My Admin

Since working with Daniel my marketing agency FINALLY has clients on a monthly retainer! One client invests $1,600/mo. Another $400/mo with a 15% revenue sharing agreement on all new business I generate. [25X improvement]
— Cedric Andrew, Founder of Overgrowth Marketing

The Starter’s Club gave me a ton of confidence... my communication is much better, and most importantly I have been able to talk to higher level executives (huge confidence booster).
— Kalveen Shergill, Marketing Director for Dynamic Scrip

5 More Stories:

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 21.18.26.png
As a result of Daniel’s coaching... my revenue increased [2-3x].

[I am also] more confident... [and] connecting with people in a more meaningful way...”
— Don Derosier, Co-founder of Space Hero Mission

[Daniel] helped me to keep my sanity as my business was doubling every quarter for a year... and to lose 50 pounds!

Daniel is one of the most creative, well-spoken people I have met... He’s a great entrepreneur and very hard-working. Very kind and honorable.
— John Bohlmann, serial entrepreneur

I would pay $10,000 for [Daniel’s] experience, coaching, mentorship.
— Chris Canady

The Starter’s Club helped me gain confidence and clarity about my purpose. This resulted in higher quality leads for my sales process.
— Heather Tufts, Founder of Rural Synergy Foundation

I got tons of clarity. I also got another client... that doubled my income.

Daniel is an incredible, compassion-driven business coach.
— Jordan Lee Thomas, Founder of Jordan Lee Editorial

5 More Stories:

Daniel helped me get my first client!
— Amanda Noel Bossi, Educator for Tourette's Victims and Their Families

One of the most valuable investments I made this year.
— Jameal Ghaznawi, Co-founder of

The results have been phenomenal.

I can’t emphasize enough how valuable [Daniel’s business coaching] has been in understanding myself, my team, and the world around me.

We are all capable of much more than we believe. Daniel helps you unlock this perspective with a visceral intensity that is contagious.
— Allen Pieper, Co-founder of

I sought out Daniel because I’m an employee — but one that thinks entrepreneurially. Specifically, I work as a software developer.

Daniel helped me to clarify my career goals, act authentically, and develop my sense of responsibility.

I recommend his career coaching to anyone that is ready to change and make an improvement in their life. Only do it, though, if you’re ready to commit yourself.
— Andrew Rittenhouse, Software Engineer

After working with Daniel I feel more productive. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m accomplishing 125-150% more...
— John Gieryn, Co-Founder of iAMCo-op, Cooperative Action Researcher

10 More Testimonials:

I’ve gotten so much value out of this it’s not even funny. You really force me to zoom out.
— Entrepreneur
I felt very inspired and capable... a sense of expansion and possibilities... a renewed connection with [my] greater purpose...
— Entrepreneur
Thanks a lot Daniel, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being a constant encouragement.
— Entrepreneur (Multiple Companies)
I didn’t think this call would go well... It was actually very refreshing... I really want to thank you. It was a great discussion. It gives me hope [laughed], but really. I’m not exaggerating. It really does.
— Financial Analyst
I feel like the talk we had may have been the final push I needed to make some real changes instead of just planning and never acting, again.
— Tax Professional
Lol you hilarious freak! Life is never boring for you, is it? You have a knack for finding wonder all around you and sort of engineering it into your life. Very cool.
— COO of Startup
I think you have a natural brightness to you that makes others around you feel illuminated.
— Entrepreneur
I really appreciate... your positive attitude. You’re very encouraging. You force me to dig deeper, you know? Which is good. Instead of me just being like, ‘Oh I don’t know,’ you’re like ‘Come on what are three things? Figure it out. You got it!’
— Health Entrepreneur
Thank you for the call this morning! And for guiding back toward what matters. Planning is already in motion for my [next project]. Not sure of the date yet, but I got a verbal yes, and I’m SO excited!
— Education Entrepreneur
[After doing an exercise to clarify an upcoming project] “That felt amazing... Even my voice right now, as I’m speaking, feels a little bit elevated... or less gunked... like it’s been de-gunked a little bit.

I can feel it in my actual throat. There’s been a sense of release of some of the things that have been swirling around... to at least just name those questions... releases them to a degree.
— Policy Reform Advocate

10 More Testimonials:

“Daniel has consistently been the source of some of my most stimulating conversations over the last eight years; he has great ideas and is really focused on improving himself and others in ways spiritual, mental, physical, and any other -al you might think of.
— Architect
You are the most attentive person I know.
— Entrepreneur
THANK YOU, Daniel!!

I enjoyed our meeting today and I’m psyched for the start of The Starter’s Club! You really helped me hone in on my passion and *know* it is real and achievable. I know this 3 month process will help me shift the mindset in my own life and bring in more results than I’ve seen before.

We’ve been friends for 10+ years, but I’m truly excited to work together on our ideas and bring them up to the next level. I know the values you have as a person and the true depth of knowledge you bring to your clients.
And, of course, I look forward to meeting and working with the other Starters in just a few weeks!
— Food Entrepreneur
You’re SO inspiring me with you hustle!! I’ve been SO sluggish lately, not taking action on the things I know will work... but seeing you go after it SO hard is really giving me fuel to cut the excuses, so thank you!
— Fellow Coach
Daniel that site is amazing, as are you! I’ve always admired your infectious curiosity, sense of wonder, and tenaciousness.
— Yoga, Art Teacher
Thank you again for taking so much time with me today. I have a new respect for what you do. I walked away from our conversation today inspired and I really want you to know that.
— Salesperson
I want to let you know I appreciate what you are doing. Turning this dopamine fueled bullshit depression generator [i.e. Facebook] into something positive. Making people accountable for things that matter. Attempting to raise everyone up. You’re a good dude!
— Friend
I just met you a month ago, but it sounds like whatever you’re doing is working. The positivity radiates from you.
— Water Entrepreneur
Daniel you are a good man - you care deeply about others and challenge growth in your own self that inspires others to do the same.
— Health Entrepreneur
“You are an energy type of person, imbuing things with energy (specifically starting energy), a catalyst person. There are many types of catalytic energy, but you’re the one that has discipline, structure, rules, process.

Yeah you totally give off energy. I was feeling kind of meh before I talked to you. I think that’s one reason why you make a good coach for motivated people because they just need a little boost to do what they need to, and you give them that.
— Designer

10 More Testimonials:

You have a very calming voice… I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t respect you on a certain mental level. I think, ‘Daniel can handle this.’

[I appreciate] someone actually taking the time to care, respect to hear somebody’s crazy shit that’s in my head. I don’t vocalize this stuff too often. So it’s kind of refreshing.

Conversations with you keep me stimulated in an otherwise unremarkable day, week... I like to teach, but it’s not all that I thought it would be. It has it’s moments. It’s okay. I have more to give. Underused capacity. For me [conversations like this] fill a void...

I love to be stimulating by minds that are adventurous, flexible, spontaneous, daring. I want to be part of that... I know my brain can be exponential with other brains.
— College Educator
There was a sense of expansion and possibilities after the call, and... I remembered the big picture of what it is I want to do.

I guess the insight that I came away with yesterday was a renewed connection with the greater purpose behind [my work].
— Environmental Entrepreneur
I like what you are doing these days - just proves the world is not as fucked up as I usually think it is. It takes people with courage and conviction to find a much better way to harness energy and potential. It may be a struggle right now but I think you are farming on the right farm.
— Water Policy Advocate
You’re very good at idea spawning. If you did them all you’d never finish. You generate several lifetimes worth of work.
— Educator
It’s super valuable. I think you found a really nice niche for yourself. It’s not exactly therapy, but I think it’s therapeutic. It helps to say some things you haven’t articulated. I like being confronted by your questions.
— Engineer
You seem like a very highly internally motivated person. So I think you’ll do well, but a lot of people who set up their own business don’t flourish because they don’t have the internal motivation that makes them go when someone isn’t telling them ‘Okay you have to be here at 8am’ not because they aren’t intelligent, have a good business idea, or anything else, but because they don’t have that inner motivation.

Another great conversation today. Not many people are as focused or as thoughtful as you. Certainly few have your remarkable powers of memory. That is a phenomenal gift. Enjoy it!

You have a very gentle presentation, and I think that will be useful.
— Professor
Another thing that really surprises me about you was… I saw your Facebook post about the 17 things the UN has going on — that they’ve identified as urgent needs for sustainable development — and it was so crazy to me, because that sounds like something that *I* would have posted to Facebook at some point, but just kinda felt really dumb for doing so because nobody cares.

So I actually looked up more about social entrepreneurs from links you shared, and it sounds really cool. It sounds like — it’s weird but — it sounds like that place I’ve always belonged to ever since I was a kid.

But, you know, after meeting you, and, I don’t know… trust you I guess… it makes me think that I can still do that. You know?
— Engineer
I also feel like we made mental breakthroughs in the way of figuring out how to grow, which will be a fundamental aspect of our identity. How/why we grow is predicated by us knowing what we want to become. With each conversation we get more clarity on the latter, and soon, hopefully we’ll have better clarity all around.
— Tech Entrepreneur