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Before working with Applied Ideals, my company was functioning but not growing... [Their executive coaching] helped me focus and improve my leadership... As a result, I gained confidence, made tough decisions to grow a better team, and received our first $10,000 in funding!!
— Joshua Driver, Founder & CEO of (Certified B Corp)

“I really wanted an outside perspective on how to move the needle forward…

I got the confidence to try my first sales pitch on social media. And the most valuable insight I received was a mindset shift. Now I better know my role and value at”

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The Starter’s Club helped me increase my income 15 times over.
— Julian Fitzgerald Robinson, Salesperson for Dynamic Scrip

“I'd recommend The Starter's Club. Daniel you have a very welcoming spirit and spend a considerable amount of time learning best practices for entrepreneurs.”

Because of Applied Ideals, my tour guide company went from zero bookings to making $1450 in the last month.
— Dresden De Vera, Founder of Throw Snakes Tours

"I was in a dejected rut, trying to get my tour guiding business off the ground...

I would definitely recommend Applied Ideals to entrepreneurs hoping to make humanitarian impacts... Even the most creative, most outside the box problem solvers would benefit from his insight. He has consistently offered solutions which only in hindsight seem so obvious.

[I now close] at least 2 clients a week... Whereas before, I was lucky to close that many in a month. [8X improvement]
— Alixandria Kaye Hopkins, Sales at CC: My Admin

"Since working with Daniel, I have noticed a major shift in my life. I decided to become a full time entrepreneur after the free consultation... 

My peers have noticed my newfound confidence. The confidence is overflowing into my personal life/emotions as well. This mindset has forever changed my life. 

Would I recommend Applies Ideals coaching? Ab. So. LUTELY!"

Since working with Daniel my marketing agency FINALLY has clients on a monthly retainer! One client invests $1,600/mo. Another $400/mo with a 15% revenue sharing agreement on all new business I generate. [25X improvement]
— Cedric Andrew, Founder of Overgrowth Marketing

"I also landed two clients who hired me to build them websites. Both agreed to pay $800 in exchange for testimonials of my work....

I had received a complimentary session with Daniel before officially signing up, and that was one of the best experiences of my life, so I was looking forward to continuing that with him as my coach...

Applied Ideals is a business that is focused around YOUR success as their client. The business only succeeds if you do."

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As a result of Daniel’s coaching... my revenue increased [2-3x].
— Don Derosier, Co-founder of Space Hero Mission

"Before I began working with Daniel, nothing was happening and I was stuck in a rut. I wanted purpose and a strategy to get to my mission on earth. 

As a result of Daniel's coaching, I am more confident talking to people and sharing with them what my business is about... [I am also] connecting with people in a more meaningful way and not being afraid to be myself in public."

[Daniel] helped me to keep my sanity as my business was doubling every quarter for a year... and to lose 50 pounds!
— John Bohlmann, serial entrepreneur

"Daniel is one of the most creative, well-spoken people I have met... He's a great entrepreneur and very hard-working. Very kind and honorable...

I don't think I've even met anyone else that is so thoughtful, and thorough when it comes to thinking about problems. [Daniel is] just, in a philosophical manner, just very thoughtful about the approach to the problem and thinking about how to solve it."

I would pay $10,000 for [Daniel’s] experience, coaching, mentorship.
— Chris Canady

"Now I've got a consistent meditation habit. A consistent morning routine (i.e. not looking at my phone first thing). I'm eating healthier. I'm exercising. Stretching. Planning out my day. I'm getting really organized. I'm taking better care of myself. Tons of internal results like these.

But also improved people skills. Being able to ask deeper questions. And increased focus and clarity."

The Starter’s Club helped me gain confidence and clarity about my purpose. This resulted in higher quality leads for my sales process.
— Heather Tufts, Founder of Rural Synergy Foundation

“Daniel's consistent follow-up helped me not only to stay on track and engaged but it also helped me as a leader. He taught me consistency and persistence as something I can replicate!”

I got tons of clarity. I also got another client... that doubled my income.
— Jordan Lee Thomas, Founder of Jordan Lee Editorial

"Daniel is an incredible, compassion-driven business coach.

I have been given a vast network of people who are willing to help me and give me resources, which is invaluable.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the Starter’s Club to any entrepreneur who is just starting out or in their first year of business."

Daniel helped me get my first client!
— Amanda Noel Bossi, Educator for Tourette's Victims and Their Families

"I was going nowhere. I had some opportunities but no plans... When I was struggling, [Daniel] helped me get clear by taking action... He also taught me useful methods I can use with my clients. 

Would I recommend Applied Ideals coaching? Definitely! Coaching made me more aware and... I am a large step forward from where I was."

One of the most valuable investments I made this year.
— Jameal Ghaznawi, Co-founder of

"Working one-on-one with Daniel is like having a second brain to augment my thinking.

His positive and upbeat attitude makes him a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him in an instant for anyone looking to get more out of themselves, their career or their business."

The results have been phenomenal.
— Allen Pieper, Co-founder of

"I can’t emphasize enough how valuable [Daniel's business coaching] has been in understanding myself, my team, and the world around me.

We are all capable of much more than we believe. Daniel helps you unlock this perspective with a visceral intensity that is contagious."

After working with Daniel I feel more productive. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m accomplishing 125-150% more...
— John Gieryn, Co-Founder of iAMCo-op, Cooperative Action Researcher

"I'm more adaptive, self-aware, and capable of positive vulnerability. I'm also able to navigate complex conflicts in a way that actually enhances relationships.

The most important thing people should know about working with Daniel? You get out what you put in — magnified."